2023 JFF Summer Internship Program
February 22, 2023

The 16th Health Disparities Conference will provide a multi-perspective view (e.g., community engagement, policy, practice, education workforce, and scientific view) of concerns and issues through an interprofessional and multidisciplinary lens including public and private partnerships, bi-directional collaborations, community engagement and the lived experience, including generational components that are also systemic in nature. These discussions and presentations will highlight solutions using public health transformations to achieve health equity.

Our general sessions, workshops, and poster and podium presentations will focus on models that present solutions and address the fundamental root causes of inequality through the allocation of power and resources and the unequal environmental, social, and economic conditions.

Tailored to attendees’ interests around community-centered basic and clinical research and health policy. This conference program was designed to highlight excellence in research and public health models that are sustainable, replicable, culturally appropriate, and that contribute to health equity.

Application deadline: February 1

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