Internship Programs

Internships for Justice-Impacted Individuals

Special thanks to Princeton’s Prison Teaching Initiative for their leadership and design in this project! 

Welcome to an initiative that redefines the landscape of STEM education and career opportunities for justice-impacted undergraduate students. 

Princeton’s Prison Teaching Initiative (PTI) created a STEM internship program for justice-impacted undergraduates at Princeton University. Together, PTI and STEM-OPS developed a toolkit for universities to build their own internship programs. 

The toolkit highlights effective strategies from the research literature as well as from the practical approaches that PTI took in building their program. 

By supporting organizations in scaling and sustaining these initiatives, we envision a future where STEM opportunities are transformed for directly impacted individuals.

You can also download the toolkit at 

Please take 1 minute to fill out this survey about how this project may have influenced you or helped you learn new information. Your response will help STEM-OPS learn about our shared impact on messages about people impacted by incarceration and help us improve our approach to changing societal narratives.