STEM-OPS is a network of diverse organizations across the U.S. working to improve STEM learning opportunities for people who are or were in prison. The network is open to any person or organization who supports this goal. Members include people or organizations such as:

  • Directly impacted people & their families
  • Higher education in prison programs
  • Departments of corrections
  • Re-entry programs
  • Policymakers
  • STEM Companies
  • Community organizations
  • Asset-focused researchers
  • Alliances with similar mission

We are committed to the central role in both leadership and membership of people who are or were in prison as a cornerstone of this network.

Founding Partners

The following five partners initiated the STEM-OPS network:

Founding Members

People and organizations from across the U.S. were invited to shape the STEM-OPS shared agenda and elevate the key challenges the alliance needs to address. This map highlights the location of these original members.

Member Spotlights

We are excited to spotlight all level of members of the STEM-OPS network below. Check back regularly to learn more about the organizations and people who are helping STEM-OPS support access to STEM for those directly impacted by the carceral system.