Womxn's Cohort Virtual Series
September 12, 2023

The Womxn’s Cohort: Connection to Community Through Sisterhood is a division branched from Prisons to Professionals (P2P) Scholar program. The P2P Womxn’s Cohort is in partnership with Light To Life. This cohort provides virtual workshops, interactive activities, circles and challenges to 500+ womxn nationally that are survivor-centered with healing justice approaches in the movement to support justice-impacted women and survivors of gender-based violence.

Please sign up for the workshops you would like to attend! All workshops are from 6–8 pm EST. Register here.

All Womxn Welcome! Join Our Online Community to stay connected outside of our monthly workshops!

This is a safe space, where all womxn can connect, share, learn and uplift each other. This is a free exclusive membership to our interactive platform through Vibley. This platform was built by justice-impacted womxn for justice-impacted womxn.

The Prevention Series:

  • Womxn’s Cohort Celebration | September 12th 6-8 pm EST

Register here.